Socitey for Geek Advancement

"Being a geek means being so interested in something that you donít care whether or not itís cool."

THE SOCIETY FOR GEEK ADVANCEMENT was founded upon the principles that we should all embrace our inner and outer geek and have fun while doing it. As individuals who love learning, innovating and believe in possibility as well as change, the second step of responsibility is to ďbe the geek that keeps on givingĒ. As a member of SGA, we work together as a global community to provide the tools and help others realize their true potential too!

“I AM A GEEK!” is a collaborative video project bringing together some of the biggest creators, personalities and web celebs taking on the online world.

The video was written by Shira Lazar (the person writing this) and Lon Harris after Shira (a real canuck fyi) kept watching this Molson Canadian Beer commercial from 2000 called, “I AM A CANADIAN”:

Shira thought, “the geeks out there deserve this too, eh?” Lon agreed, and so did the rest of the great geeks who lent their time, flipcams, webcams, ftp and email servers to partake in this project.

The reality is, while geek seems to be the new chic and is spreading its wings in the land of mainstream culture, us native geeks are still a misunderstood community. What better time to share with the world what we are really all about!

 “I AM A GEEK”, like all geeky side projects, started out as a tongue and cheek video we spent way too much time on and were going to simply throw out to the wild wild interwebs. But as more people came on board, the question of using “social media for social good” seemed to become more relevant. With Twitter and other social networking sites like Facebook blowing up by the second, it’s not only possible to get noticed and create “social capital”, but to use that for a greater good. Individuals now have the opportunity to be heard and bring awareness and attention to causes like they never had before. We saw this new wave of social philanthropy come to life recently with the global Twestival raising $250,000 worldwide for Charity:Water.

After watching, “I AM A GEEK!”, we hope you are entertained, laugh a little or a lot.

We also encourage everyone to “be the geek that keeps on giving”. We’ve connected with a Room to Read, a great charity started by former Microsoft exec, John Wood, which builds libraries and schools for children in developing countries. You can give in many ways- by RT, blogging and passing on this Geek Advancement message to others, buying an “I AM A GEEK” t-shirt with proceeds going to Room to Read and/or by donating what you can now.

Lets show everyone what it means to be a geek and the power of a global geek community!

Rock on,