Helpless R ape

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Helpless R ape

Note : This story is completely fictional!!!

I am a 32 years old ,unmarried girl.I teach at a university in Delhi.I wish to share my sheer helplessness in a train accident .I was travelling alone from Guwahati to Delhi .I was seated in an AC 2 tier berth.I had in front of me an elderly couple with their grandson.The train took off in the morning.The journey was good.They were talking to me and we were sharing a very good time together.I did not know when it got dark and i had dinner .I went to the attached bath to brush my teeth as usual before going to bed.Coming back I lay on the lower berth and covered myself with a sheet.I took out a Sidney Sheldon novel and started reading it.When did I go to sleep I dont alain lyle porn remember.It was about 2 in the night when hell broke lose.I woke up violently by a uproarious sound and tremendous impact.It was like a dreadful sound and the entire bogey shivered like a leave.Suddenly there was stillness and dark.The AC was off.Very slowly I Realized it was an accident.

I had fallen down over a bag.The window panes were broken.The train sides were ripped apart and sharp steel was protruding inside with all luggage scaterred here and there.Some heavy thing had fallen on my /feet/">feet and I was reeling uinder its weight.I could not move my foot.With considerable effort I moved my foot from beneath that heavy thing.I found it was a suitcase which that couple had placed on the upper berth.Suddenly I found the cries of passengers writhing in pain.I found to my horror the couple unconscious in the front seats and they had blood all over their face while their grandson child was lying trapped in the mangled seat.It was the most horrible sight of my life.There was no help coming from anyone.It appeared everyone had either died or fallen unconscious in the severe imapact of the train hitting something.I remained there in a stunned state of mind for long till I heard some noises.

The noise appeared to be coming near.Suddenly I heard some people getting into the train.i thought someone is helping the accident victims.But all my expectations were belied when I heard them talking.They were taking away the belongings of passengers,removing wallets and ornaments.They appeared to be at least 3 in number.Someone was saying "Jaldi Kar,yeh bhi nikaal le(do fast,remove this too)".It was like hell revisted.Suddenly I heard someone saying "oye kitni sunder hei ye ! idhar aa,Chalo kapde kholo iske(see how beautiful is she,lets take off her clothes)" Someone shouted"yeh shayad sirf behosh hei,kahin hosh mei aa gayee to ?(She is just unconscious,What if she comes to her senses).Someone commanded them"agar yeh hosh mein aati hei indian santali xvideo to bhi koi baath nahin.Apna kaam kar aur baad mein iska gala ghont dena,kisi ko kuchh pata nahin chalega"(Even she comes to her senses during the act,keep raping her but later strangulate her to death.No body will come to know what happened here).Then I heard someone coming in my direction too.

Now I knew what I had to do keep myself alive.I closed my eyes and lay there still.Somone came and started exploring the pockets of someone.Suddenly he trampled on me.And paused to see me with his torch.he called someone.Another person came and uttered some dirty word.One person touched my nose ot see whether I was dead or not.

One person said"Chal iska kaam karte hein"(lets do the job on her).

He pulled me sideways.They then dragged away the elderly couple to a side.They pulled me centrally over the floor.While one person dragged his hand between my thighs another started kissing me.he unzipped my jeans.I was fully conscious but not able to resist in any way else I wanted to die painfully by strangulation.After that he slid my jeans down to feet and then took it off completely.The other person removed my shirt.I lay there in 2 clothes then.One person kissed me on my thighs while with his hands he removed my panties.Then he took off my bra too.I lay there fully naked with utmost embarrassment.The one person went away while the person spread my legs and rode over me.Holding my hands firmly in his hands.Then he downed his lips over mine and kissed me for few minutes.he then turned me upside down and piched my /butts/">butts badly .licked it.then he lay me again with my back over the floor.He slid his hands up and down over my thighs and grabbed violently between my thighs.he inserted his manhood between my thighs.It was a thick and hot kinda.It touched the sides of my thighs.Inner thighs.

Suddenly i satrted feeling his manhood over my private parts.It was getting painful till he did it with a jerk.I felt acute pain when he was inside me fully.It was an unbearable pain,more unbearable since a person I did not know was doing it to me while I was not in a position to pput up resistance.Then he followed his action with huge and powerful jerks while abusing me in his filthy lagngauge.he was biting me on my lips and cheeks.he would often release his hands to pinch me on my breasts and lower back.he continued his jerks for long.It was very painful as if someone had inserted a metal rod in my body.I could smell the foul smell of sweat from his chest.He was hurting me in every possible way.But suddenly the pain disappeared and felt no pain .But pain gave way to acute sense of shame when I realized what was being done to me.he was getting more forceful with every jerk.Very slowly i started feeling a different kinda feeling which was very different.Suddenly it became an uncntrollable pleasure.Then suddenly it got more intense.More was very unique feeling which i had never experienced before.It grew more and more pleasurable till such time I exploded like anything.It was a huge change and relief.I was silent like a dead person.I was breathing heavily as he lay over me with his huge weight.I could feel his nakedness all over and inside me.he had wetted my thighs.he lay there breathing heavily for few minutes.

After sometime he moved away and it appeared as if he was looking at me in that darkness.Then he called the other person.

The other person appared to be in hurry as if they had to go other people.he lifted me onto the berth.And repeated the act.It was too hurting but the ultimate feeling turned out be more intense.
After that they left me where I lay and went away.i could hear screaming of /women/">women and people in the adjoing berths.All that continued for one hour or so.Then suddenly there was lull.No sounds.I stood up and tried to look up for my clothes.I found them.And put them on.I sat there alone surrounded by dead bodies,fainted people,injured people.

Some help came after sometime.No body ever came to know what had happened to me.After getting medical treatment I was given all posible help by the railway people to see to it that I reached back home safe.It is almost a seven years since that accident.But i still remember that horrible night and those first encounters with starnger males who forced on me the unfathomable pleasures of the most intimate union between a male and a female.