Who knew

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Who knew

Not too long ago, I finally came out as bi to my wife...who is also bi...and once she knew and accepted it, it made it much easier to be open about it with other people I am close too. I have now told many people yet, but a select few. One of those few people was one of my best friends since high school...been friend about 18 years now. He lives out of town now, so I only see him a couple times a year.

Earlier this year I was in his area for a visit and spent a night at his house. Later in the evening after all his family had gone to bed, he and I sat up watching some TV. We were going to play a game of Madden.. and he fired up his X Box...but what in the DVD player was not a game...but a white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie porn. I made some jokes about it...and he ended up telling me about the movie and that he thought I would like it (subject matter was about swingers, which my wife and I are, and he knows that)...and I told him to turn it on. So we are watching the porn and he starts making some comments and asking a few questions about the swinger lifestyle. He then asks about my reaction to seeing other guys cocks and if its weird, etc.

He then asks "have you ever crossed swords" I laugh and tell him that yes it has which he got a little surprised and kinda of shocked said "omg, I cant believe youve touched dicks with other guys" and out of nowhere, not even sure still why I said it...I responded "and thats just whats happened on accident" he looked puzzled and asked "wait...what do you mean?" i just kind of gave a sheepish grin, to which he asked in a very serious manner "have you been with guys?"

Once it was asked...and I had already alluded to was time to come clean and I told him in a matter of fact way..."yes I have...I am actually bi...have been for a long time...and now (wifes name) knows and encourages it" Silence. Minute later "Wow...I had no idea...thats kinda /crazy/">crazy" I just kinda said, yea, I know, but its hot and I enjoy it. He then started asking more long? how many? how often? when was my first?

He got more and more interested...and less and less surprised by any of it. Then he asked the question I kind of assumed was coming after a while "have you ever sucked any of our friends?" "No, I never have" "Are there any you ever wanted too?" "Yes actually" of course he followed with "Who?" And while I didnt say this...he was at the top of my stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv list.. for the simple fact that we used to live together and I ended up getting to know all the girls he dated...and heard him fucking them a lot.

A lot of the time when I ended up face to face with the girls after hearing them, they would be a little embarrassed and apologetic...and then very honest...I heard over and over that he was just so big and so good that they couldnt help it. So yea...over time I became very interested in his cock. Anyway, once he asked me who of our friends I wanted to suck...

I didnt answer his question...I just said..."if you want me to suck your cock lets go back in your little room and go for it." He didnt say a word...just got up and started walking back to the room. I followed and closed the door behind me. he asked "are you really going to do this?" i said nothing...dropped to my knees reached into his shorts and pull out his cock. by the time I grabbed it and started to pull it out he was already getting hard...and wow...those girls werent lying. He was a long, thick and rock hard 9.5 inches. It was everything I hoped it would be. Lol, really though, it was a wonderful /cock/large-cock/">large cock.

I sucked him long and slow to drag it out...then got a little more faster and enthusiastic when I was ready to make him cum. He came so much and I took every drop of it...he rubbed his cock all over my face and back in my mouth for a final clean up. He told me it was one of /blow/best-blow/the-best-blowjob/">the best blowjob he ever had and that he would want to do it again...and I told him anytime. Ill be heading his way again in a couple weeks...and I really hope he takes me up on that offer again...and I hope that eventually I can get him to bend me over and give me that /dick/big-dick/">big dick.