Why me Why do I ask

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Why me Why do I ask

My hands were sweaty, my throat dry and I had lost my mind long before that day. I had spent the last of my savings on a busness suit for this interveiw, it was only a cheap JC Penny suit, and if this job did not land I would he screwed.

I sank into the fine leather couch in the waiting room I started to wonder, "Why am I here? Born and raised in the projects, used to waiting rooms with uncomfortable hard plastic chairs. THey wouldnt even hire me, much less a rich place like this!" My mind raced as I waited for my interveiw. 

"Jose, please follow me," a young secritary said quietly yet short enough to let me know she was better than me. Her figure was nothing to be proud of, her stomach /hung/">hung heavily over her skirt and almost pulled the tucked shirt out of the long anckle length skirt.

"Yes maam," I stood up slowly in a pathetic attempt to show I was in no hurry, that I did not need the job. As I followed her she walked quickly ahead of me, as if trying to lose me in the laberinth of the four storie mad house of atterneys hard at work and research. When we finaly reached the lead partners office I was throughly lost and confused.

The secretary opened the door and I walked past her without even saying thank you, pay backs a bitch I thought.

"Mister Jose Donte, I presume?" The voice scratched its way out of the fossils throat, she was a founding partner of the lawfirm and at one time was the best lawyer in all of the south. Now she was a perminate pmsing bitch of a lady that had a thing for young women. Ehwn I had first researched her I learned that she was known as a man hating bitch and i thought, "I have no shot at all!" but then I learned that she did want a husband for her /daughter/">daughter, and I was single so I figured why not, right?

"Yes maam," I replied in a deep andfriendly voise you used for somplete strangers that you plan to never meet again. 

"It says here that you want one of our three positions availible."

"Yes maam, that is right I would like a paralegal position."

"Well before we talk about that please, have a seat." She ordered not asked so I did so with no question.

"Mr. Donte, I hire on grounds of personality, not that I do not care about qualifications but I have checked yours and even though you are from public housings, you have an empeckable record so I have thought it over and you have the job as long as you have a chemistry with my people!"

"Thank you maam! I can not beleive you have gone through the work of checking about my past, but I do thank you and we do not even have to talk about pay it had to be better than what I am getting now, started me at what ever you think I can live on!" I was estatic and ready to leap over the huge oak desk and kiss the old doll, then she dropped the real treat on me.

"Wait a moment before you go on abut how thankful you are. First of all starting is 32,000 for paralegals for this firm. And second, you but eat dinner with someone in the firm I choose, and for this I pick my daughter Jessy." She said this with a straight face even thoug hI could not beleive it. Was she for real? Handing me her daughter to me on a silver platter! Then I thought, "I hope she looks good."

That night at my appartment room at 7:

There was a light knock on the door, "On moment please!" I said as I as threw on a white Fubu shirt and a pair of black phat farm pants and slipped into the cream Tims. I awnsered the door and almost hit the floor as I saw the woman of my dreams! First thing I noticed, even though it sounds corny, was her deep green pools that seemed to stare right through me, then I saw the almost hair that fell lightly down to her shoulders where it met a black tank top that seemed to barly contain the huge globes beneth it. The tank top did not quite fall to her kapri pants and it showed a perfectly work stomach with the softest looking skin you could imagine, the Kapri showed thighs so thick it took all I had not to caress them.

"My eyes are up here, sparky!" I heard a soft /sweet/">sweet voice say with a hint of a giggle in her voice.

"I am sorry, you just look amazing, I exspected a dressed up, stuck up bitch! Not a fine, down dressed woman!" I said as I felt myself grinning like a moron but my teeth were white enough not to worry about it too much.

"You exspected a woman and still dressed like that?"

"Well, yea I figure you going to find out soon enough so why not from the beginning?" I said and took her hand and shook it lightly. She flashed a smile that would knock out Tyson and stepped in past me and looked around the 2 room appartment.

"Not organized are we?" she said playfuly pushing me out of the way and heading for the Kitchen. "Well you will need to be if sexxxx video ful hd you are to work at my moms firm." She found a beer and opened it, "I figured we could hang here for a while."

I could not beleive it, was she preposly handing herself to me? "Why are you so quick to do all this?

"Cause I did the research on you, I feel I know you. But I want to know more. Plus girls do have needs just like guys do we just control it better!"

Before I could say anything her juicey lips pressed to mine, her tounge snaked out of her mouth into mine slowly and tangled with mine. She placed one of my hand on her ass and the other on her moutains. "Do what ever you want to me as long as your cock finds its way into me tonight, got it?" She like her mom had done earily was not asking even though it sounded like it, she was telling me what to do.

I nodded dumbly as my hand on her tits found the bottom of her shirt and pulled it upward and quickly pulled her back to me for another kiss. My hand quickly undid her bra let it fall to the ground as her tits tried to do the same. My hand cupped one of the breasts and found the already /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples and started rolling it softly between my fingers, as she moaned into me I moved her hand to my pants fly and she did the rest. Her hand had my pants unbottened and drapped faster with one hand than I could do it with two. While she had down that my hand did the same to her and after she had pulled my shoes and pants off she pulled her own off while I showered her nipples in turn with a tounge attack to her nipples, nipping and the soothing with my tounge quickly. I felt a hand pressing my head into her breast hard and I picked up the pace and took the moaning as a good motivator to work harder.

She had pressed me into the wall and let her hands wonder around the body she craved so badly and finaly she found what she was looking for even though she did exspect what she found, she gasp aloud and held my cock in a firm grip and started stroking up and down trying to guess the length. "10 and a half," I whispered into her ear and smiled as her hands felt every inch of my hard as steel cock, that to her right now she thought as the ramming rod that would soon be in her. She started kissing my neck and going down. I stopped her before long and pulled her up and turned so she was backed into the wall. "Ladys first!" I said as I dropped to my knees and almost tore off the leperd thong and stared at the shaven pussy infront of me. I ran my finger along the lips of her pussy and they seemed to open to welcome it in as I pushed it into her and I heard her let out a gasp of pleasure as my tounge found her clit. My tounge wrapped around her clit and I started wriggling its quickly and I felt her knees buckle and I quickly put both thunder thighs on my shoulders and her hands pushed my head forcefuly into her clit and I started to suckle her clit and now rammed into her with 2 fingers and she already felt tight. I then did something I never thought Ibody would do, I took my other hand and placed a finger at her /asshole/">asshole and slowly pushed. there was a gasp of surprize and the a moan and she started moaning at the feel of being eatin and fingered and both holes at the same time.

I felt her whole body quiver as she came onto my finger and then her body went limp for a second and I slowly let her off my shoulders. Once she gained her balance she yanked me to my feet and and went to her knees. She smiled up and me and pulled down my boxers, her eyes grew huge as my cock sprung free and bounced off her cheeck. "Oh My god!" was all she could said. Then as if the moment of disbeleif passed on she attacked my cock her tounge first finding mt balls and the they passed her lips and she jacked me as she sucked on my balls, he started licking her way up and wrapped her tounger around the head of my cock and then started to take the shaft into her mouth that was already stretched to its limit by how think my shaft was and then her started pulled out after about half way and then rammed down taking in about 7 inches and the back up and down again and took the same amount and and back up xxx sex video download free com as he played with my balls /tickling/">tickling them with her finger nails. She pulled almost all my cock out of her mouth and wrapped her tounge around it and looked up at me with eyes that almost made me cum right then but instead I just held on for a little longer and said "If you keep going I will cum realy soon!"

She came off my cock. "Not yet, you will not! You will not cum till you do what I want you to do, got that?" I smiled as she kissed her way back up and then grabbed my hand and led me to the pleather couch and she sat down in it legs spred wide apart. I got on my knees and put my cock at the lips of her pussy and just rubbed it up and down along the pussy lips until she grabbed my waist and pulled me over half way in before the scream ripped from her throat,"Oh my fucking god! It hurts, It hurts!" Her eyes looked deeply into mine pleading for my to stop and keep going at the same time and I decided to keep going. As I started to move in and out she started lossening up and her moans of pain turned to pleasure and I moved quicker in and out of her. Soon she was ready to cum again and she did, this one bigger than the last one and she went limp in the couch for a second and then I kissed her once mroe and turned her over and put my cock at the entrance of her ass. "Jose, that is still virgin. Please go slow, please!" I knew as well as she did, the first push would be hard and fast, she had yet to take my whole cock.

I positioned myself ready to trust forward. I reached around to those melons and pinched on of the tittys a little harder than he was earlyer and he gave a short gasp and pressed back into me once again and I rammed quickly into her for 6 inches and pulled out and rammed in again and again hearing the "pop" of my head passing the /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole and into her after a few rounds of this her screams died down a bit and they turned to moans and then I was all the way in her all the way to the hilt and I pumped in and out of her in long but fast strokes and quickly was almost ready to cum so i pulled out and flipped her body over and pressed her tits together and fucked them hard for a second and then rammed all the way into her pussy as I cam. She quickly pulled me out and sucked all my and her cum off my cock and sucked me off once more and then we found the bed as he fuck once mroe before sleep found us...

(To Be Continued)